Pest Control

Our pest control services are provided to both commercial and domestic premises and we offer pest prevention contracts and one off jobs.
Whilst we treat every kind of pest problem we specialists in pest bird control and anti roost systems, ranging from the discreet netting of whole buildings to the safe removal of bird debris.



  • Prevention of monetary loss
  • Prevention of damage and loss to goods, products, fixtures and fittings
  • Elimination of Contamination
    • Eating food - droppings - hair - urine - dead insects
  • Prevention of Disease
    • It is an offence to knowingly harbour Rodents on/in any premises especially food premises.
    • It is also an offence under various Government Food and Drug Acts and the Health & Safety at Work Act.
  • Improved employee/employer Relationships
    • Good working conditions help to improve productivity and reputation within your industry.
  • Relief from fear
    • Many people are concerned about the presence of Rodents and Insects in the home and workplace causing unnecessary distress.



•Prevention of defacement Buildings and statues - acidic droppings and secretions deface and cause deterioration of building fabric.

• Reduction of cleaning costs
The cleaning and restoration costs of buildings in cities are enormous. The droppings of roosting birds case a huge proportion of this.
• Reduction in Maintenance costs Nests and droppings block drains and gutters. The resulting water overflow leads to timber decay and structural damage.

• Prevention of fouling at entrances and pavements
Droppings render pavements and fire escapes DANGEROUS. Especially when new and wet. Droppings also foul windowsills, cars and pedestrians and visitors.
• Elimination of noise and smell The noise made by pigeons and the constant chatter of starlings annoy people in offices, hotels and hospitals. Pigeon nests also produce an objectionable odour.
• Removing source of Insect Infestation
Birds nests harbour insects and mites which live in droppings and feathers. Insects then migrate to inside the building and infest homes, offices, kitchens etc,

• Prevention of food contamination
Nesting or roosting birds on buildings and under canopies in food premises have the potential to contaminate food/products with the insects and mites with develop with them.